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By Winchester Neurological Consultants
September 21, 2022
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When your doctor suspects that you may be struggling with memory or cognitive issues one of the strategies that they can turn to is neurocognitive testing. Neurocognitive testing can help your doctor narrow down the type of underlying concern so the right treatment can be applied. You can learn a lot more about neurocognitive testing by reaching your to your local Winchester, VA, experts of Winchester Neurological Consultants.

Benefits of Neurocognitive Testing

Neurocognitive testing is a non-invasive way that your doctor can employ to get answers regarding your brain function. The technology used is a computer-based cognitive assessment tool that can assist in measuring how your brain reacts to varied tasks.

Besides its non-invasive nature, another great benefit of neurocognitive testing is that it can provide answers early for early treatment, something very important when it comes to treating cognitive disorders.

The testing can give information about cognitive changes due to mood disorders, aging, Alzheimer's, and other similar conditions.

It may also allow early detection of concussions and dementia, which produce very subtle changes and can be difficult to analyze by other means and are often easily missed.

Neurocognitive Testing in Winchester, VA

The test often takes only about 60 minutes without it being overly complex. You are presented with a series of small tasks on a computer screen and are asked to perform them to the best of your ability, how you respond helps assess a variety of aspects of brain function.

What neurocognitive testing primarily assesses is attention, perception, memory, language, motor skills, and information processing, among others.

The scores are an objective way to test a patient's general and specific brain function against what's typical in the population and against previous assessments These results can allow your doctor to prepare a personalized treatment or can signal the need for further testing through other methods.

If you believe you can benefit from neurocognitive testing you can schedule a consultation in Winchester, VA, with your local professionals of Winchester Neurological Consultants by dialing (540) 667-1828.