What is a Concussion Clinic?
By Winchester Neurological Consultants
October 25, 2022
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Dealing with a concussion is a serious issue and it’s important you have the proper care that you need to recover from a concussion. Concussions haven’t always been effectively managed in the past, which has led to horrific outcomes and is why there’s now a specialized program designed to properly care for a concussion. Your doctors at Winchester Neurological Consultants in Winchester, VA, can explain what a concussion clinic is and why it’s important to follow after dealing with one or more concussions.

What is a Concussion Clinic?

A concussion affects multiple areas of your body, which is why those areas should all be rehabilitated and assessed. A concussion clinic in Winchester, VA, has a care team involving athletic trainers, physical therapists, and neuropsychologists. You’ll be guided by your doctor to get back to a better health and find any accommodations that you may need in life.

A concussion clinic also includes testing to see where your brain function is at after your concussion. Once this is done, your doctor will develop a plan to restore your normal level of brain function. This is an important part of the clinic and can help improve your cognitive function, which includes memory and your reaction time.

During a concussion clinic, your doctor will assess what your concussion has affected in order to provide you with the best treatment. You may need physical therapy or rehabilitation and your doctor can help guide you to the best specialists for any specific needs that you may have. This program is used by many professional sports teams, high schools, and colleges.

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