What To Know About Concussions
By Winchester Neurological Consultants
December 16, 2022
Category: Health Conditions
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It's impossible to go through life without bumping our heads. It happens. The skull does an excellent job of protecting our brains most of the time when we hit our heads on hard surfaces at home or collide with objects (and teammates) while playing sports. However, when the head and brain rapidly move back and forth due to immense force, a blow, or a jolt to the head, like in a car accident, for example, the sudden movement may cause the brain to twist in the skull, which is called a concussion. Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that cause symptoms such as impaired coordination, balance, memory, and concentration. If you're looking for an expert to evaluate and manage a concussion in Winchester, VA, consult with the doctors at Winchester Neurological Consultants to discuss treatment options.

Information About Concussions

A concussion isn't typically life-threatening, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take one seriously to avoid damaging brain cells, and chemical changes. Signs and symptoms of a concussion vary from person to person. Dr. Fowler recommends visiting our office if you are experiencing sleep disturbances, frequent headaches or migraines, nausea, irritability, clumsiness, forgetfulness, or vision problems. A concussion in Winchester, VA, is treatable with plenty of rest, limiting mental activities, and medications. Dr. Fowler will determine the best course of action for your situation.

The doctors at Winchester Neurological Consultants diagnose concussion signs and symptoms during a neurological examination which tests reflexes, coordination, balance, hearing, vision, and strength. Signs and symptoms can take hours or days to appear, so it's best to seek medical attention immediately following a head injury. In addition to neurological exams, our doctor may also suggest cognitive testing to observe memory, concentration, and ability to recall information or imaging tests such as a CT scan or MRI to identify changes in the brain. For more information regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for a concussion in Winchester, VA, or to schedule an appointment, call (540) 667-1828.