What Is TeleNeurology?

Neurology telemedicine, also known as “teleneurology,” is the practice of Neurology using HIPPA-compliant technology such as videoconferencing in order to do remote Neurology consultations or follow-up visits.  Additional remote review of MRIs, CT scans, and EEGs can be performed.

Why Is This Helpful?

Telemedicine provides services that cannot otherwise be obtained where neurologic expertise is limited, either by inadequate numbers of providers or by impaired mobility of patients.  Telemedicine improves access to specialty and subspecialty care for patients.

With telemedicine, an initial evaluation can be accomplished without the need for the patient to leave his or her community. If necessary, the Neurologist can arrange for patients requiring further study to be seen in person or to have their testing done in clinic.

How Is WNC Involved In TeleNeurology?

NeuroNow is WNC's TeleNeurology Division.  We are at the forefront of TeleNeurology services.  Our innovative program has been providing TeleNeurology services since 2009.   We now cover over 8 hospitals and have a rapidly expanding outpatient and inpatient program.  All of our Neurologists are Board Certified in Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and personally admit and care for Neurology patients daily in addition to providing TeleNeurology services. 

TeleNeurology services provided by NeuroNow include:

  • Acute stroke care (TeleStroke) in hospitals and Emergency Rooms
  • General Neurology Consultations and Follow-up Visits
  • Subspecialty Consultations with Board-Certified Subspecialists in Epilepsy, Dementia/Memory Loss, Concussion, Stroke, Interventional Neurology, and Neuroimaging
  • Subspecialty review of: Neuroimaging (MRIs and CTs of the brain and spine), EEGs, Neuropsychological testing, EMG/NCVs


We provide TeleNeurology Services at JACHO- Certified Primary Stroke Centers and have helped these sites achieve recertification.  Our response times are within minutes and the IV tPA administration rate is approximately 13-15%.  We have improved door-to-needle times tremendously at the hospitals we serve and have assisted in achieving status as American Stroke Association recognized "Target Honor Role Elite" hospitals.  Neuroimaging such as CTs of the head, MRIs of the brain and CTAs are reviewed by advanced Board Certified Neurology Neuroimagers.

For more information please contact our office manager Debra Walton, who will connect you to our TeleNeurology Director, Dr. Mariecken Fowler.

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