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The Concussion Clinic of Winchester Neurological Consultants has been at the forefront of sports concussion care since 2006.  Since that time WNC has raised awareness in the community regarding the grave and potential long-term effects of concussion when it is not managed effectively. This was long before public recognition of the devastating outcomes of repeated concussions.  We have built a concussion program with a standardized protocol and work with over 15 High Schools in Virginia and West Virginia.

The Concussion Care team is multidisciplinary, involving treatment and referral by Athletic Trainers at the school level, referral by Primary Care Providers, evaluation and management by Kelly Price, NP-C in the clinic, and involvement of Vestibular and Cognitive rehabilitation/assessment by Physical therapists and Neuropsychologists when indicated.  Specialized concussion evaluation may include Cognitive testing, Vestibular/Balance testing, Neuroimaging, and the ImPACT test. Kelly will help guide the athletes in return-to-play timing and any necessary school accommodations.

Kelly Price, NP-C is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant, indicating that she is endorsed by the University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Department as a leader in the concussion management and evaluation field.

Kelly has worked in conjunction with the Athletic Trainers of local schools and physical therapists to provide our local High Schools with comprehensive concussion care, including an ImPACT testing program.  The ImPACT test is a 20-minute computerized neuropsychological test developed at the University of Pittsburgh that evaluates cognitive function including memory and reaction time.  By utilizing this test and comparing our local athletes to their baseline scores, Kelly can compare their brain function to their normal level of functioning.  This is an important tool in the assessment of concussions.  It is used by many professional sports teams including the NFL and by thousands of high schools and colleges nationwide.

As clinical experts, we are a trusted resource for:

  • Neurological Assessment including a review of medical and neurological history, neurological examination, neuroimaging review, vestibular/balance, and cognitive testing
  • Baseline ImPACT testing and review by Credentialed ImPACT Consultant
  • Post-injury evaluation and recommendations for daily activity or accommodations
  • Treatment/Rehabilitation including referral for Vestibular rehabilitation if indicated
  • Assistance in monitoring stages of return to play with school, and athletic trainers
  • Cognitive testing including ImPACT testing, Neurotrax testing, and referral to our network of Neuropsychologists for ongoing cognitive evaluations if long-term cognitive issues are identified.

In addition to her experience in Sports Concussion Care, Kelly is also experienced in the evaluation and management of other forms of mild traumatic brain injury including car accidents and other forms of trauma.

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