Memory Care Clinic

Here at Winchester Neurological Consultants we provide a Memory Care Clinic. Our job is to determine the underlying cause of memory issues.  This can be complex, as memory disturbances may be a result of medical issues, medication effects, sleep disorder, mood disorders, or neurological disease.  We provide a multidisciplinary assessment that is individualized to each patient’s history and neurological examination.

In evaluating memory concerns at WNC we may order and review Neuroimaging such as MRIs and CT scans, which will be reviewed by our Neurologists who are Board-Certified in Neuroimaging.  We can perform Neuropsychological testing in our cognitive testing lab, Sleep studies (polysomnogram) in our Certified Sleep Center, and may perform screening tests for mood disorders.  Our goal is to optimize daily functioning and find the underlying cause of memory concerns.

The diagnosis of “Dementia” as a broad term can be confusing to patients and their families.  As Neurologists our aim is to give each patient and family a specific diagnosis such as Alzheimer ’s disease, Vascular Dementia, or more rare forms of dementia like Frontotemporal Dementia.   By doing this we can educate regarding treatment options, assist in setting expectations for future needs, and ensure our patients are living in a safe environment.

We continue to monitor our patient’s as their disease progresses and help to educate the patient and their families regarding medication options, safety issues, and local resources.


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